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Truly listening to the patient is my first priority. Once they sense I genuinely care about them, they can usually open up and lead me to what the real physical problem is.
— Dede Lewis, PT


Dede is no stranger to pain!

She has experienced and received successful physical therapy for neck problems from two car accidents, as well as knee injuries.

Treatment philosophy

"A lot of people think physical therapy is going to be painful. My goal is to help people feel better after the first visit - perhaps 50 percent better."

As people age, they need physical therapy to eliminate balance problems, prevent future injuries, reactivate muscles that aren't working well, and most critical of all: to establish a customized exercise program.

"I've been practicing physical therapy for more than 30 years and it has given me a unique set of skills.  If one method isn't working for the patient, I can switch my approach."

Dede is flexible in using a combination of techniques, including pain reflex release, joint mobilization, muscle energy, myofacial release, total motion release, biofeedback and therapeutic exercise.

Career moments

As the first physical therapist in the country to receive training in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, which involves reactivating muscles using pressure points to restore function and reduce pain, Dede has used her skills for strong results:

A 52-year-old university professor was in so much arm and neck pain that she could barely use her computer.  She also had a previous traumatic brain injury, severely limiting her ability to think ... a major threat to her professional future. Dede's hands-on therapy and the professor's willingness to take responsibility for her own health, reduced her pain levels by 95 percent.  Now, with daily exercise, her energy and brain function are much improved.  She is now in high demand for presentations and is spearheading a new program on campus.

A 66-year-old squash player strained his ankle and could not walk without pain.  A podiatrist put him in a "boot" or brace for two months.  It didn't help.  Then a doctor referred him to Dede.  He limped into her office for his first session.  To his surprise, after just one initial visit, he left the clinic walking with minimal pain.


  • Bachelor's in Physical Therapy, University of Utah
  • Bachelor's in Environmental Science, Central Washington State University
  • The first physical therapist in the country to receive training in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique(reactivating muscles using pressure points to restore function and reduce pain
  • Prior work at LDS Hospital's Fitness Institute in outpatient physical therapy and general orthopaedics,  including rehabilitation for the Utah Jazz
  • Selected to teach Primal Reflex Release Technique due to her high skill level 
  • Certification in Dry Needling

Awards and recognitions

  • Selected for Teaching Assistantship in Human Anatomy, University of Utah
  • Recipient of a Deseret Foundation grant to research exercises for Female Urinary Stress Incontinence
  • Past board member and current member of the Utah Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (UAPTA) in the area of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy. Served as Membership Chair and Student Liaison
  • Selected to present at UAPTA spring and fall conferences on the topics of Neuromobilization for Plantar Fasciitis

More about Dede

Dede was born and raised on a ranch in central Washington State.  β€œIt taught me to work hard and be part of a team.”  When she traveled to ski in Utah, she decided to stay for the next 40 years and enjoy the mountains and national parks.   

"I'm really a bit of an introvert.  I hike or cross country ski, hear the sounds, smell the smells, enjoy the wind, inhale and relax.  I bring my dog along with me. Dogs are just so naturally happy.  They greet you, love you and are full of the joy of life."

Passions include family, wildflowers, skiing, swimming, Tai Chi, and yoga.  Growing her own organic food has been a great pleasure.